KIRODEN German Shorthaired Pointers
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Live by your own Counsel.

Be brave in the Face of the Unknown.

Be always Fair.

Natty Bumpo, "The Deerslayer"

-James Fenimore Cooper

BIS/BISS Am/Can CH Stelor's High Noon

Old Dominion KC - April 19, 2003
Cooper at 13 months


Kiroden GSPs is a new kennel with an old idea - breeding to the standard.  It is my desire to establish a line that will evoke the thought - "Now that is what a German Shorthaired Pointer is supposed to look like." 

Starting with a healthy, sound foundation, I hope to produce the best of what a GSP can be - balanced, correct, of proper size and, perhaps most significantly, possessing an abundance of breed type.

Moderation is a primary driver - moderate of bone, moderate of angle.  The breed's roots are those of a close-hunting, walking gun dog...therefore a medium-sized dog close to 25" that is short of back is my model dog.  The torso will be sturdy, with a longer ribcage and a short, strong loin.  This will enable the hunting dog to discharge its duties in the field well into its later years, and allow brood bitches to readily bring beautiful new babies into the world. 

Exaggeration in conformation and movement will be avoided.....breed type and correctness will take precedence over win records.

Temperament and health will be key characteristics.  A biddable dog, with an aristocratic look to reflect alertness and animation, will exemplify a GSP that is true to type. 

It will be a long journey over multiple breedings and through several generations.  I hope you'll join me.


Dennis Kirouac
Kiroden GSPs

Dennis Kirouac * Annapolis, MD