KIRODEN German Shorthaired Pointers
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 For the THIRD year running, Cooper is Best in Veteran Sweeps at the Mason-Dixon GSPC in Leesburg, VA (Middleburg KC) - 10/27/12

....still kickin' it over a field of younger veterans as he approaches 11 years.  That is staying power - the sign of a GREAT dog!!

Judge Melissa Campbell complimented Cooper's fine movement.  A dog that is built right will move right!

Mason Dixon GSPC - October 27, 2012
Cooper approaching 11 years old - he's still got it!

 For the second year in a row, Cooper is Best in Veteran Sweeps at the Mason-Dixon GSPC in Leesburg, VA (Middleburg KC) - 10/30/10

.... and ....

wins his veteran class!   Proof that a sound, healthy dog holds up over time!


Mason-Dixon GSPC Specialty - October 30, 2010
Cooper and his very proud owner/handler! Best in Veteran Sweepstakes!

 Cooper is Best in Veteran Sweeps at the Katahdin GSPC at Keene, NH (Cheshire KC) - 8/8/10

.... and ....

wins his veteran class - I had the privilege to be on the lead with him!

Candids (below) from 2010 GSP Nationals in FL

- At 8+ years of age, Cooper demonstrates his quality, soundness and correctness of conformation!!






Cooper and Dennis W. together again after several years.....still a winning team!!   Not bad for a couple of old guys!!

Mason-Dixon GSPC Specialty - October 24, 2009
Cooper w/ handler Dennis Witzke - Best in Veteran Sweepstakes!

Another great trip to Canada!!  More visits with friends, lots of laughs, and mission accomplished - Cooper is now a Canadian Champion!

Hamilton KC - July 18, 2009
Cooper - New Canadian Champion!! - Winners Dog / Best of Winners / Best of Ops

Cooper & I had a great time at the Canadian Nationals!! 
To my friends north of the border - thank you so much for your hospitality and comraderie - I will cherish the memories always!

GSPCC National Specialty Show - June 28, 2009
Cooper - Winners Dog / Best of Winners for 5 points!

GSPCC National Specialty Show - June 28, 2009
Cooper - Best in Veteran Sweeps - hard to believe he's 7 years old!!

SW Ontario Sporting Dog Specialty - June 27, 2009
Cooper - Winners Dog / Best of Winners for 5 points!

Jessi's last win

Shawnee KC - July 13, 2008
Jessi @ 20 months....very good, and just getting better!!

We had a great time at Westminster 2008 -  reconnecting with old friends and meeting some wonderful new friends!!

Sharing a moment!
Actually - sharing some liver!!

Ready for examination.

Down and back.
Balanced movement!

On the move!
Doin' the go-'round.

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Dennis Kirouac * Annapolis, MD